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Wildwaters Lodge

Don’t you just love it when you wake up with a brilliant idea?!

At the stroke of midnight, I decided to:

Pack my bags…

Fly 6 hours…

Drive another 3 hours…

Row a canoe for 10 minutes… just to arrive at a private island along the River Nile.

Welcome to Wildwaters Lodge!

The Scene

Located mid-stream, amidst the mighty rapids of the River Nile in Uganda, is your ultimate disconnect from reality, Wildwaters Lodge! The lodge is neatly nestled in a rainforest on its own private island surrounded by beautiful foliage, elevated wooden walkways and a stunning array of birds sitting delicately on the river banks.

The main lodge houses an intimate dining area, a stunning rock formation infinity pool and a tanning deck – the perfect place to cool off with the on-going mist from the Nile.


An intimate dwelling of style, emotions and senses! There are 10 thatched rooms each boasting traditionally hand-made furniture, a marble based bathroom, an expansive patio with an outdoor bathtub overlooking the River Nile. If you are looking for complete privacy, I highly recommend room number 10 (Aswan)!

Food & Drink

Continue refueling your body at the amazing riverfront dining hall with uninterrupted views of the River Nile.


Balance your relaxation with an adrenaline filled afternoon rafting down the River Nile. Uganda is regarded as one of the best white water rafting experiences worldwide!

Additional activities include visiting/interacting with a local family.

Going on an adventure hike along the River Nile plus more!


All great hotel experiences begins with the staff. From email booking to check-out, no request will go unanswered or deemed too difficult to manage by the Wildwaters Team.

The room, perfect. The food, impeccable (especially the Chapati, my favorite). The infinity pool, your personal invitation to riverside serenity!

Things to Consider

The commute to Wildwaters Lodge can be quite exhausting, particularly your journey through Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The traffic is horrendous. I suggest departing Kampala early in the morning to beat the worst part of the traffic. After that, kick back and enjoy the rest of the journey! You’re in for a treat once you board your canoe!

Safe travels and enjoy your stay at the Wildwaters Lodge!

Wildwaters Lodge Contact | +256  (0) 754 237500 / +256 392 776669

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