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Unique Experiences in the UAE

Seeking a unique experience within the UAE doesn’t mean you have to break the bank (well, some activities may require you to do so). This can be anything from a unique hotel stay or dining experience to something more on the wild side such as hot air ballooning over the rolling sand dunes. Below are some unforgettable activities for those who are not afraid to venture off the touristy path and splurge a little.

Visit Al Maha Desert Resort

An exclusive luxury getaway 45 minutes from the heart of Dubai – what more can I say, Al Maha Desert Resort is truly special and one of the most exclusive desert resorts in the UAE. Read More Here.

Visit the Love Lakes

If you’re looking for your next romantic outing or simply something new to experience in Dubai, the Love Lakes in Al Qudra are not to be missed. Read More Here.

Stay in a Luxury Trailer

Located along the beautiful Hatta Dam, the Sedr Trailers Resort is the first trailer style hotel to be introduced in the Middle East, bringing the concept of camping to a whole new level. Read More Here.

Plan A UAE Road Trip

This may be the last thing on your mind while living in or visiting the UAE, but do realize that the country has more to offer than just tall buildings and shopping in Dubai. Start planning your road trip here!

Kingfisher Lodge

The emirate of Sharjah has a new hot spot – a luxurious, but adventure filled camp site on the shores of the Arabian sea. Read more here!

Dinner in the Sky

Read here for my experience at Dinner in the Sky Dubai.

Sharjah’s Buried Village

In the Emirate of Sharjah, just outside a town named Al Madam, lies this abandoned village where decades of sand and wind has taken over the once populous village leaving behind nothing but the empty shell of homes  – it’s literally a ghost town! Read More Here.

Caravana Beachside Camping

A unique beachside experience on the shores of Ajman with retrofitted private caravans and a sprawling campground for barbecuing, movie nights, and your own swimming pool!

Travel to a Nearby Country

Not necessarily an activity within the UAE, but while you’re here, why not make the most of your holiday and venture off to a nearby destination with travel time under 6 hours. Read here for Trips from Dubai in Under 6 Hours.

Hot Air Balloon

Hot-air ballon ride over the vast desert providing views of the sand dunes, oases, camels and mountains.

Enjoy and travel safely!

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