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The Dwarika’s Resort

It’s 5:20 AM and I spy mysterious blue skies over an endless horizon. The fog rolled through the valley but I can still see the mountains, appearing bone-white and slightly covered in mist. Streams of soft light speared down from above. Everything seems so surreal, like it didn’t even happen. Perhaps it’s a dream that I haven’t woken up from yet. I blinked several times… It was more than just a dream. At that moment, I knew I was in for a memorable stay.”

A Place To Embrace Life

Deepak Chopra was on to something when he said, “Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.” Constantly, we search for ways to escape our norms and achieve peace in all aspects of our daily routine. The journey to peace will not always be blissful. Instead, you must find a starting point that allows you to tap into a blissful state of mind amidst the chaos of life. That starting point is here at the Dwarika’s Resort!

The Perfect Holistic Escape… Created Just For You

The Dwarika’s Resort is a holistic lifestyle retreat perfectly set in the hills of Dhulikhel, Nepal. With ancient Himalayan knowledge and a strong philosophy of self-care at its core, this hideaway offers the perfect blend of eco-luxury, tradition and nature at its doorsteps. Drawing on key elements of Buddhist medicines and beliefs, Dwarika’s aim is to encourage the exploration of the physical body, inner self and the world around us. This will truly be an experience that feels a world away.

Quick Tip: The Dwarika’s Resort is easily accessible from Tribhuvan Airport (Kathmandu). Dhulikhel is approximately 35 km from Kathmandu (45 mins to an hour depending on traffic).

The Dwarika’s Resort provides all the tools required to explore the connectedness between the mind, body and earth. Here are a few:

A Hideaway For The Senses

At the heart of the Dwarika’s Resort lies a strong commitment to sustainability. The resort is built primarily of natural materials such as wood, stones, earth and chemical free resources. This “Mother Nature” inspired theme can be seen throughout each suite creating the ideal environment for reflection and relaxation.

The Royal Suite gets it right offering a delicate combination of elements – bright and spacious with extraordinary views! The Royal Suite life includes an open-plan bathroom, soaking tub, separate dressing room, expansive terrace and an outdoor sleeping area located at one of the resort’s highest point. There’s even a Chef on request!

Breath More. Worry Less.

From salt rooms to pottery classes, meditation and well-being is about to take on a new meaning.

Infinity Pool: One swim away from a great mood – experience it at the Himalayan facing infinity pool!

Meditation Maze: Representing strength and creation, the meditation maze is surrounded by eighty-four Shiva Lingas (used for worship in temples) and best experienced during early morning meditation shortly after sunrise (with no one in sight).

Himalayan Salt Room: Crafted with salt rock crystals to strengthen the immune system, the Himalayan Salt Room works wonder for the respiratory system, skin tone and overall body energy!

Chakra Sound Chambers: Chakras are responsible for distributing energy throughout your body. There are seven chambers each dedicated to one of seven Chakras found within your body. Unexpectedly, this was my favorite form of meditation.

Dwarikas Spa: Enjoy a relaxing treatment in complete isolation and comfort. Be sure to take the wooden steam bath!

Pottery: A therapeutic activity… who knew!

Cookery: Zen on a plate! Meet at Chef Pramod’s kitchen and test your skills with the famed Nepalese dish, Momo.

Quotes: Throughout the Dwarika’s resort are small plaques with phrases that speak volumes to the mind.

Flavored To Perfection

“Before you even pick up the food to eat, take a couple of deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth… just to allow the body and mind to settle.”

Rich flavors are a key aspect to the Dwarika’s Resort. All meals are prepared with fresh, seasonal and local produce sourced from the Dwarika’s organic farms. Dining at the resort requires only two things – arrive hungry, depart speechless!

The next time the urge to embrace your inner spirituality surfaces, plan your escape route to the Dwarika’s Resort and discover a richer travel experience!



Month of Visit: April

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