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River Rafting in Uganda

Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience…

Spare me, I almost drowned… 5 times! I don’t know how many times I must remind myself, “Nate, you’re not a swimmer. In fact, you can’t swim at all! Floating, perhaps. But actually swimming, no!” Luckily, I’m alive and well and ready to share my story.

Disclaimer: I had the time of my life, but I do recall seeing the gates of Heaven several times.

The year was coming to an end and I suddenly realized I haven’t stepped foot on my beloved continent, Africa! Eager to make the most of a weekend getaway, I departed on my 5 hour flight, traveled another 3 hours by car and arrived at the mighty River Nile in Uganda.

Now, I’ve done my share of white water rafting in the past (4 times to be exact). How hard could this possibly be?

Regarded as one of the best rafting experiences in the world, I was pumped to begin what I knew would be an epic adventure. The next 5 hours went something like this:

Begin the journey down the River Nile.

Pick-up a little speed and pose for the camera.

Slowly realize this may have been a bad idea…

Pure Chaos!

Throw in the towel, why fight the inevitable?

Realize you’re still alive and do it all over again!

Besides my dramatic recap of the river events, I had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat (well maybe not that quickly).

Tours can be booked via Adrift Uganda. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Breakfast
  • Full rafting equipment
  • Mid-stream lunch
  • 5-6 hours of Grade 5 rafting
  • BBQ lunch with beers & soda at the finish point
  • Free shuttle from Kampala to Jinga
  • Free photos
  • Total Cost: $140 USD pp
  • Video footage for an additional $45USD

Recommended Place to Stay: Wildwaters Lodge

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