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Dinner in the Sky Dubai


9:45 PM, the moment you escape into elevated luxury for a not so typical night out on the town!

Perched 160 ft above the Persian Gulf shorelines, Dinner in the Sky has finally made its way onto the Dubai dining scene. This distinct setting, surrounded by the bright lights of the Marina skyline, is apparent from the moment you arrive and fully lives up to its acclaimed title of “the world’s most unique dining experience.”

Dinner In The Sky

Suspended by a crane, 22 Guests safely buckle up and ascend into the air for a gravity defying meal skillfully prepared by the Ritz Carlton. The evening begins with a brief orientation at the Dubai International Marine Club where each Guest is greeted with freshly squeezed juice as they begin the check-in process (no champagne, sorry!). After a quick bus ride to the dinning table, strut across the lengthy red carpet and prepare for a night to remember!

With minimal staff and a chef on board, dinner is served in three delicious courses. In-between each course, let your feet dangle mid air, recline your seat all the way back for the ultimate selfie, or swivel to take in the views of Dubai Marina. However, try not to drop your utensil!

The Menu

Now, if you can stop taking selfies for a few minutes, enjoy a lovely three-course meal!

Starter: Organic Beetroot Salad (baby beetroot, tarragon cream, fennel, beetroot gel

Main Course: Choice of Beef Short Rib, Sea Bass, or Corn Fed Chicken. Served with Parsnips & Couscous, Asparagus, Broccolini & Pepper Sauce

Dessert: Caramel Cake (Caramelia Chocolate Whipped Cream, Salted Caramel)

Cost: 799AED ~ 220 USD  (menu based on a 9:45PM dinner time slot during the weekend)

Things To Know Before Flying

  • Each session will last around 85 minutes: 20 minutes for seating guests; 55 minutes for flight duration; 10 minutes for unseating Guests
  • Each Guest must arrive 45 minutes before scheduled dining session
  • No refunds given for “No Shows”
  • If dining experience is cancelled due to weather, each Guest will receive a full refund if weather insurance is purchased. If you did not purchase weather insurance, you will receive a voucher for a future date for the same session.
  • You must use the restroom before boarding. If there is an emergency, the platform table will be lowered but you will not be able to reenter
  • No Dress Code
  • No outside food or drinks allowed

Book your reservations at before they close for the season!

Location: Dubai International Marine Club

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  • Quinn Russell
    February 24, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Great post, I so want to do this!

    • MrVagabond
      February 24, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      Well worth it when you come to visit. When they reopen later this year, it’ll be a new location – Beach or over an outdoor mall plaza.

    • MrVagabond
      February 24, 2017 at 4:11 pm

      And thank you!


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