The Seychelles

Close your eyes for a minute. Cast away all worries and sink your toes in the sand of your perfect beach escape. Imagine soaring high above a private island by seaplane. Imagine swaying coconut trees towering over your cliff-side villa and watching the sun set over the ocean. Imagine rediscovering your inner peace and spiritual

Top Trips from Dubai in Under 6 Hours

You know what I love the most about living in Dubai? It completely fulfills my lust for immediate travel! Whether you live in Dubai or just passing through, there are plenty of destinations that you can travel to in 6 hours or less – some by car, others by plane. Here are my favorites (sorted

Barcelona Destination Guide

General Overview Barcelona is one of Spain’s most dynamic and open cities. The atmosphere is a bit surreal boasting a great mixture of facts and fantasy, traditional and avant garde. From casual walks through some of Gaudi’s famed attractions to sipping sangrias at a nearby cafe, Barcelona offers a great variety in history, artistic treasures,

48 Hours in Doha Qatar

Known for its futuristic skyscrapers and ultra modern architecture, Doha is a destination where nature, design, and innovation comes together as one. Palm trees, colorful gardens, turquoise streams of water washing up against its shorelines, and a boastful affluent lifestyle all paints a picturesque backdrop that is sure to take your breath away. With only 48 hours

LUX Maldives Resort

It’s becoming significantly harder and harder to leave our routined lives and gadgets behind, even while on vacation. However, there are a few places in the world that naturally forces you to get away from it all, one of those places being the Maldives. The Maldives is the epitome of relaxation, indulgence, and luxury. “A

Azores Islands

Welcome to one of the most photogenic destination in the world, the Azores! Emerald Green Lakes! Colorful Azaleas! Volcanic Craters! As I discovered years ago, we live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure ready for exploring. The Azores is no different. It’s impossible to forget the Azores – a

Costa Rica Adventure Guide

VOLCANO, JUNGLE, & BEACH ADVENTURE GUIDE EXPERIENCE COSTA RICA Hike to a waterfall. Climb an active volcano. Zip-line across lush landscapes. Or enjoy the infamous S’s: Sand, Surf, & Sun. It’s all taking place right here! Where can you fall in love all over again, 100 times in a row? There is a place where there

Zanzibar Island

Here is a sample trip itinerary that can be booked through Easy Travel & Tours or Palm Tours (I have personally used both): Day 1: Arrive in Zanzibar and settle into your hotel. Use the afternoon to explore Stone Town, set sail on a sunset Dhow cruise, followed by sampling some local treats at the