Cartagena: A Legendary Treasure

Cartagena is a stimulating attack on the senses. The view of flower filled balconies perched high above the streets, the scent of fresh guava filled pastries looming on every corner, the sound of horse drawn carriages along the cobble-stoned pavement, and the tasty Colombian coffee served fresh from local street vendors will leave you begging

24 Hours In Montevideo

It’s easy to explore any city when there’s adventure at every corner. Luckily, Montevideo is small in size and can be sufficiently conquered in a matter of days. Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay, offering modern charms with historical progress present in the streets. Like any metropolitan city, Montevideo offers great eats, ample sights

Buenos Aires: 13 Reasons To Go!

So you can… Make empanadas with the locals, break bread with Argentine’s elite crowd, seal your love for wine with a bottle of Malbec, and discover Japanese influence in the city center?! My first glimpse of Buenos Aires was breathtaking – history, beauty, art, and cuisine! The colorful houses in La Boca, the never ending feasts

Bogota: The Heart of the Andes

It’s easy to fall in love with Bogotá– even before you catch a glimpse of the beautiful Andes Mountain. The art, food, and architecture tells a vibrant story of Colombia’s capital. On a typical afternoon, the center of town is packed with Colombians and foreigners alike gathered to enjoy and share the charm of local traditions