Bai Pai Cooking Class

Who doesn’t love a good selection of mouthwatering Thai food? Every trip to Southeast Asia deserves a couple of hours dedicated to curating your favorite dishes. From stir-fry and egg rolls to wonton soup and Mango sticky rice, the local dishes of Thailand are endless. At Bai Pai Thai cooking school in Bangkok, you will have a

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Food Tour

Imagine this… “After the moon comes up, cruise along Bangkok streets via this city’s iconic 3-wheel, Tuk Tuk, to visit Bangkokian’s favorite places to eat. Taste a variety of savory menus, including the local favorite Northeastern Thai Food (Esan Food), the town’s Best Pad Thai, and the popular home-style Thai snack. Between the bites, visit

Dinner in the Sky Dubai

9:45 PM, the moment you escape into elevated luxury for a not so typical night out on the town! Perched 160 ft above the Persian Gulf shorelines, Dinner in the Sky has finally made its way onto the Dubai dining scene. This distinct setting, surrounded by the bright lights of the Marina skyline, is apparent

Ritz Carlton Afternoon Tea

There are a few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as Afternoon Tea. Cricket matches, starched linen napkins, and a good ole basket of fish ‘n’ chips are largely associated with the British culture. However, Afternoon Tea is known by most as the perfect example of quintessential Britain
New York City is famous for many things – iconic landmarks, Broadway shows, The Yankees (sorry Mets fans), a lavish nightlife scene,  and of course, the amazing spread of mouthwatering restaurants dotted along every corner of the Big Apple. With many dining spots to choose from, only a few can master the art of Afternoon Tea. I

Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea

THE VENUE Known as the world’s only 7-Star hotel and undoubtedly the most luxurious, the Burj Al Arab dominates not only Dubai’s hospitality sector, but also the imaginations of all those who encounter it. There’s a fleet of white Rolls Royce dotted along the hotel’s forecourt, a dancing water fountain in the lobby, and an atrium

5 Great Eats in Capetown

Amid a plethora of things to do in Capetown, South Africa, getting your gastronomy juices flowing tops the list. In comparison to other destinations I’ve visited around the world, Capetown’s cuisine ranks at the top of my list. Below are 5 of my favorite restaurants in the city to indulge in. Enjoy! MILLERS THUMB One

Shanghai’s Champagne Brunch

THE VENUE Without a doubt, the VUE Bar has officially become my number one spot for brunch in Shanghai, China. Located on the 30th floor of the Hyatt on the Bund, the VUE Bar boast incredible views of the Pudong Skyline and the Huangpu River. The setting is a delicate combination of elements –  bright, spacious, and intimate with
One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to purely eating. Food is essential to life, therefore, make it good! Blake Mycoskie said it best, “The most important things are actually the easiest to obtain: great friends, good