The Seychelles

Close your eyes for a minute. Cast away all worries and sink your toes in the sand of your perfect beach escape. Imagine soaring high above a private island by seaplane. Imagine swaying coconut trees towering over your cliff-side villa and watching the sun set over the ocean. Imagine rediscovering your inner peace and spiritual

24 Hours in Kigali

Bluntly speaking, unless you’ve been somewhere for yourself, don’t believe the stereotypes of a place or pass judgement based on something you did not experience first hand! I recently visited several areas in Rwanda and I’ll be the first to tell you, it’s truly a remarkable place. Perfectly nestled amidst picturesque hilltops and sprawling valleys,

Wildwaters Lodge

Don’t you just love it when you wake up with a brilliant idea?! At the stroke of midnight, I decided to: Pack my bags… Fly 6 hours… Drive another 3 hours… Row a canoe for 10 minutes… just to arrive at a private island along the River Nile. Welcome to Wildwaters Lodge! The Scene Located

Nyungwe House Rwanda

As I begin to think about my next escape from the city, my mind immediately drifts to a luxury hotel that offers tranquility, total privacy and a strong sense of adventure. Some hotels are utterly unforgettable and the One & Only Nyungwe House is worthy of this claim. A remote location led by an amazing

River Rafting in Uganda

Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience… Spare me, I almost drowned… 5 times! I don’t know how many times I must remind myself, “Nate, you’re not a swimmer. In fact, you can’t swim at all! Floating, perhaps. But actually swimming, no!” Luckily, I’m alive and well and ready to share my story. Disclaimer:

15 Things To Do In Cape Town

South Africa has easily become one of my favorite destinations for many reasons, particularly the city of Cape Town. The culture of Cape Town is anything but static. It’s a city with many stories; some told, some untold, and some that remain hidden. Cape Town’s richness, natural beauty, and vibrant spirt will easily get under your skin,

A Guide To Shark Diving

They made their graceful, yet swift appearance from below sea level. It was only a matter of seconds before I met my faith with these aggressive creatures. As always, I thought to myself, “why on earth do I sign up for these things.” I felt the fear immediately, but I did it anyway. The great

Zanzi Resort

The brightest of welcomes and smiles awaits for you at the doorsteps of Zanzibar’s most private and romantic hotel, Zanzi Resort! No single definition exist for luxury, however, Zanzi Resort does a great job of redefining excellence. Going out of their way to give you out of the way is synonymous in their short, but

Zanzibar Island

Here is a sample trip itinerary that can be booked through Easy Travel & Tours or Palm Tours (I have personally used both): Day 1: Arrive in Zanzibar and settle into your hotel. Use the afternoon to explore Stone Town, set sail on a sunset Dhow cruise, followed by sampling some local treats at the
Imagine walking Africa’s most ferocious species through the jungle, soaring high above the roar and “smoke” of Victoria Falls, or swinging, literally, from one country to another with nothing but the incredible power of the Zambezi river below you! These daring scenarios have two things in common: Zambia and Zimbabwe, two of southern Africa’s wildest