Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai

An exclusive luxury getaway 45 minutes from the heart of Dubai – what more can I say, Al Maha Desert Resort is truly special.  Set in the beauty of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, Al Maha Desert Resort Dubai offers true liberation – no worries, the freedom to be lazy in a luxurious manner, and
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Sharjah’s Buried Village

I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. Perhaps I was completely intrigued by the urban legend that supernatural creatures, invisible to the human eyes, once took residence here. Either way, I was already 30 minutes into the trek and there was no turning back at this point. In the Emirate

A Guide To Planning A UAE Road Trip

The clock on the wall reads 11:33 PM. My mind is racing and I still can’t wrap my head around the “big” plans for my birthday. After watching the movie Tammy, for the 100th time, I had a brilliant idea – any takers for a cross country road trip throughout the 7 Emirates? (Tammy synopsis:

Petra Bubble Luxotel

If you’ve been to Jordan before, chances are you’ve visited Petra and had several instagrammable moments in front of the infamous Treasury. But for those in the know, seeking a luxurious and one of kind experience, spending a few nights under the stars at Petra’s newest hot spot, the Bubble Luxotel, will surely top your

Sedr Trailers Resort

Welcome to Sedr Trailers Resort One thing I’ve always admired about the UAE is the their vision for innovation. Located along the beautiful Hatta Dam, the Sedr Trailers Resort is the first trailer style hotel to be introduced in the Middle East, bringing the concept of camping to a whole new level. Think re-purposed trailers

River Rafting in Uganda

Be brave, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience… Spare me, I almost drowned… 5 times! I don’t know how many times I must remind myself, “Nate, you’re not a swimmer. In fact, you can’t swim at all! Floating, perhaps. But actually swimming, no!” Luckily, I’m alive and well and ready to share my story. Disclaimer:

Sri Lanka Scenic Train Ride

Scenic Train Ride: Colombo to Ella There’s really nothing quite like a few days away from it all – sun bathing on a beach, hot-air ballooning over valleys, or total seclusion, feeling the stress drift away in one of the most scenic hill countries in the world, Sri Lanka. Possibly one of Mother Nature’s most

The Art of Skydiving

I received a phone call from my mother asking that notorious, and quite rhetorical question at 5AM, “Son, are you sleeping?” I simply replied, “No mom, I’m sky diving!” Visualize free falling for 60 seconds at 130 MPH as your adrenaline increases, your heartbeat races, and your only visual is the luxurious man-made islands, The

A Guide To Shark Diving

They made their graceful, yet swift appearance from below sea level. It was only a matter of seconds before I met my faith with these aggressive creatures. As always, I thought to myself, “why on earth do I sign up for these things.” I felt the fear immediately, but I did it anyway. The great

Mekong Delta & The Cu Chi Tunnels

Tucked away on the southern tip of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is a dream destination for those eager to discover a richer travel experience. Steeped in history and full of local delights, the Mekong is home to countless mazed rivers, interactive floating markets, and miles of deep green paddy fields. It’s where coconut made boats