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Bai Pai Cooking Class

Who doesn’t love a good selection of mouthwatering Thai food?

Every trip to Southeast Asia deserves a couple of hours dedicated to curating your favorite dishes. From stir-fry and egg rolls to wonton soup and Mango sticky rice, the local dishes of Thailand are endless.

At Bai Pai Thai cooking school in Bangkok, you will have a hands-on experience that will leave you amazed with a full stomach to match! The venue is equally impressive as well.

The Venue

An open-air Thai style two-story house with wooden decor.

Local Market Visit & Preparation

Start the experience at the local market to collect your ingredients then begin the food preparation process.

Coconut Extraction Demonstration

What’s a good home cooked Thai meal without some coconut milk?!

Now it’s Time to Cook!

There are morning and afternoon sessions, both 4 hours long. The morning session (begins at 9:30AM) includes:

  •  A market trip to collect some local ingredients
  • Stir-fried chicken & cashew nuts
  • Spicy grilled beef salad
  • Thai Style fried rice noodle

The afternoon session (begins at 1:30PM) includes:

  • Spring rolls
  • Minced port salad (North Eastern Style)
  • Chicken & Galangal in coconut milk soup
  • Stir-fried rice noodle w/ pork & dark soy sauce

Both sessions includes hotel pick-up, a coconut grinding session and ends with a delicious, freshly prepared dessert. Come hungry, leave happy!

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