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10 Reasons To Visit Lebanon

Lunching at a seaside restaurant, Mediterranean in the backdrop and a bottle of Almaza in hand, I suddenly realized I was having the time of my life in a place once plagued with violence. There’s that famous saying that goes, “Don’t listen to what they say. Go see for yourself.” This rings true for many places, one in particular, Lebanon.

Once known as the Paris of the Middle East, famous for its rugged beauty, rich culture, and ancient ruins that still stands today, Lebanon is a splendid place. With a thriving social scene in the capital city of Beirut coupled with a wine region, ski resorts and a sprawling coastline, this country has a lot to offer. Here are 10 reasons why I love Lebanon!

#1 The Smallville Hotel

Superheroes are disguised as ordinary people with extraordinary hearts.

Smallville, a urban designed hotel located in the Badaro district, uniquely blends the essence of Beirut’s design and art scenes. With a superhero theme at its core, The Smallville Hotel is a great starting point to begin your journey through Lebanon.

#2 Byblos

This is my carefree. This is my freedom. This is my Happy Place.

I found my Happy place the minute I arrived in Byblos. Peaceful yet surrounded by open air, lively pubs. Winding alleys leading to beautiful discoveries. Modern yet Ancient at heart – what a juxtaposition! It’s hard to resist the Mediterranean charm of this city.

#3 Baatara Gorge Waterfalls

You have your Lebanon and its Dilemma. I have my Lebanon and its Beauty.

The site speaks for itself!

#4 Ba’albek

Some ruins of ancient times are much more beautiful than the best buildings of modern times.

Now, I’ve seen many ruins in my years of Vagabonding, however, Ba’albek has a mysterious element that sets it a part from the rest.

#5 Ksara

WINDERLUST (wine-der-lust): A strong desire to taste wine from around the world.

I’m not sure how I ended up at Chateau Ksara but I don’t regret one minute of it… (ok, it was the first thing I researched). Spend a few hours exploring Lebanon’s oldest winery, learning the process, but more importantly, rescuing all the wine trapped inside the bottles :-)!

#6 Mount Lebanon

Let us learn from the Virgin Mary how to be bolder and more courageous.

Awesome views and a thrilling cable car ride, visit Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, one of the most important sites honoring the Virgin Mary.

#7 Manuella Restaurant

The only time being a side dish is more important than the main.

What more do you need – 1.2 million dishes served for 2 people, a few rounds of Almaza, and the beauty of the Mediterranean surrounding you! The food was sooo good!

#8 Lebanese Wedding

Every love story is beautiful.

What a spectacle – fireworks, amazing decor, music of every kind, jumbo display screens, non-stop dancing with a beachside setting! Oh, and the couple danced to one of my favorite songs, “Affairs of the Heart” by Damien Marley – my night was complete!

#9 Jeita Grotto

The acoustics are great in the Grotto.

The longest cave in the Middle East interconnected by two limestone caves – It’s a shame you can’t take photos inside because it’s quite beautiful!

#10 Anjar

Art is never finished, only abandoned.

Anjar, and abandoned city that was never completed. Not a bad story to tell your kids in the future!

These are my 10 reasons and I’m sure there’s a ton more… I’ll be back soon! Beirut bound in a few months!Β 

Tours/drivers all arranged by Lebanon Tours & Travels.

Month of Visit: July
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